Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dr. Orthochick: Feelings

Morning Rounds, me seeing 60 y/o lady after her elective spine surgery

Me: How are you?
Patient: Terrible! starts crying
Me: What's wrong?
Patient: My boyfriend broke up with me! He said he couldn't handle me being in the hospital! We've been dating since February and everything was going so well!
Me: I'm very sorry to hear that...
Patient: Can you give me an anti-depressant?

Feelings are overrated.


  1. And so went the story of my time on the psychiatry consult service. Never before had I so quickly lost respect for so many different specialties...

    I am assuming this story did not end there, so THANK YOU.

    "Can you come and... talk to the patient? They're... crying."

    1. We have totally done that. I usually ask "any stressors in your life" as part of my neurological history. Sometimes, the parent starts bawling and I don't know what to do with it. Then I kick parent out and the kid finally opens up: "a lot of my family died recently and im really scared of dying." That's not a conversation you end in five minutes.

      We usually call psych not so much because "patient is crying", but because psych is apparently a very limited service with months-long waitlists, and this way the patient gets hooked up a bit faster with some resources (hopefully).

  2. Maybe if the anti-depressant's name is Lance.