Monday, November 24, 2014

Fun with Pharmacy

I haven't done "fun with pharmacy" in a while, but this is one I had to do. The order was:

Zoloft 50 mg PO qAM

Guess what time the pharmacy scheduled the medication for.


  1. I think every morning?

    But that is quite risky don't you think? Drug prescription is computerized from where I come, if you want to insert a side note you should not use abbreviations. Even the common ones.
    But again I'm in an academic institute.

    1. Really? How would you write it then?

    2. Zoloft 50 mg PO q 24 hours in am

  2. The answer was 2 PM, because all SSRIs defaulted to be given at 2 PM unless you set a specific time, even if you said you wanted it given in the morning.

  3. Huh? Wow. I guess systems work generally, even if not in every instance? Should there be an "AM" default. Say 8 a.m.? I dunno.