Thursday, November 13, 2014

What were you doing when your pager went off?


  1. lol, brings back some memories from intern year. Fortunately, my institution was fairly nice, so not much yelling. Getting paged while returning another page and when eating was huge tho.

  2. Great review for your book "Suicide Med", Dr. Fizzy! However, while I understand the
    reviewer's assertion regarding Abe, I respectfully disagree. As I see it, Abe's
    transformation was a metaphor for the medical school experience which hardens
    so many but is necessary for their survival. Do you agree, Dr. FIzzy?

  3. We mostly use Ascom phones (aka blue phones), rather than pagers at my residency program. My phone rings most frequently when I'm on another call, or when I'm peeing!