Monday, December 22, 2014


Actual line from an email I got during residency from my 67 year old department head to my entire residency program:

"Also worth spending a little time on milestone expectations so you know what you are being ejaculated on."

The number of texts and emails that followed that said some variation of 'my face' was starting to get a little extreme. Also, even though I felt like my program was constantly crapping on me, I never really felt like i was being ejaculated on.

I guess someone pointed it out to the boss because a few hours later he sent the following email:

"It has been pointed out that I used the incorrect use of Milestones in my last email to the group. We really use them to evaluate each resident."

(italics his, not mine)

I don't even understand how you could make that typo. "v" and "j" are not that close to each other on the keyboard. I guess we know what the boss does in his free time in his office.

He never managed to live that down and luckily retired shortly after.


  1. I think he could have easily defused the situation with some needed humor.
    In his reply back, he could have stated, Sorry for the typo. I didn't mean to
    imply that any of you were "jerk offs."

  2. verbal dictation error?

  3. Who am I to judge? Who amongst us hasn't had a romantic evening by ourselves?
    Let he who is without guilt raise his hand or forever hold his piece.

  4. Family of deer, Dr. Fizzy? It sounds like a scene out of "Into The Woods!"

  5. Fizzy! I am still confused! I am not sure that you are still in residency or you are done?

  6. If this occurred within the last few years, I would blame speech recognition. Medical transcriptionists/editors see these kinds of word substitutions all the time, correcting them to keep them out of medical records.