Monday, December 1, 2014


I saw this note in the chart recently and I swear to God, this is the smallest handwriting I have ever seen in my life:

It literally takes up 1/5 of the line!


  1. Thank you Dr. Fizzy for your tweet: Dangers of hand sanitizer. Just the other day, I
    was using a hand sanitizing wipe at the supermarket. An older gentleman was looking at me with amusement. Smiling back, I told him, I'm so concerned about germs I'll probably destroy my immune system. I said it half jokingly, but apparently it's no joke! For the future, I'm going back to the old way: wrapping a plastic bag from checkout around the handle of the shopping cart.
    Sheesh, you can't even be safe these days by trying to be safe!

  2. As Christmas approaches, I'm thinking about the "right" gift to get the people in my
    life. I hate to buy things people don't need, but I know cash can be cold. I've decided on gift cards, as a compromise. As for myself, I don't need any stuff, and for that matter, don't have the patience to read. In other words, I'm a hard person to buy for ! Last year, my better half bought me a going out jacket as she was tired of seeing me wear the same old ratty jacket I had picked up from Goodwill. However,
    there was one time, a few months back, that I found something that I did want.
    I felt it was too extravagant so I left it alone. Lo and behold, a few weeks later,
    she presented me with it. I saw you looking at it online and knew you wouldn't
    buy it for yourself, she said. I was so glad to buy you something that you really
    wanted, she added. As I opened the package, there it was: a copy of "The Devil
    Wears Scrubs." - Paul

    1. Paul, I know you mean well, but people are going to start to think that I am commenting as you to kiss my own butt.

    2. Never understood the gift card concept. It is restricted cash. What is the point? Just give regular greenbacks and let the person go wherever they want to spend it.

    3. Gift cards wouldn't make any sense if you just look a exchanging gifts as a purely logical transaction.

      Basically, gift cards have a role, since they are considered the "bare minimum effort" which is socially acceptable with giving a gift.

      While you are right that cash is equivalent and less restrictive, it is not received well by the recipient or society at large, considered to be unsentimental and without due thought or effort.

    4. Anon 1:56: WHAT effort? I go to home depot to give them cash, so they give me a card for the equivalent amount of money, so I can give it to you so that you can only buy paint or a hammer? Even better, I can now pick one up at the grocery store register, putting in pretty much ZERO thought or effort? It is absurd.
      I'm sorry, but any idiot who thinks that someone getting them a gift card took any degree of effort is.... an idiot.

    5. Ok- here's another way to look at gift cards-

      How about a gift card for a restaurant- those are good , and some effort, because it means a nice night out . Especially to new parents, or any parents, or cash strapped people, a nice night out that they would probably feel guilt for taking If they didn't recieve the gift card.
      Or a gift card to a store they like, especially new parents, if you just gave them cash, they will probably just spend it on the baby and nothing for themselves. A gift card makes them do something for them selves.

      I would assume most young people would love gift cards I staed of another sweater or shirt that's not their taste.

      Just my 2 cents

  3. Understood. I'll try to keep that in mind going forward. I have a tendency to overdo it
    a bit, but as you seem to understand, I mean no harm. - Paul

  4. @ Anon at 2:41 PM: I'm going to take your suggestion and give cash.
    As you rightfully pointed out, it doesn't restrict where people can spend it.
    Thank you.
    - Paul

    1. Write a thoughtful card to go along with the cash. THAT is what the holidays are about, not the "gift" that goes along with it.

    2. Here's what makes no sense about giving cash. If we are exchanging presents, and I give you cash, and you give me cash, what is the point exactly? We could've just kept our money. That's why I only give presents to children for the most part, and bake something for everyone else.

    3. I agree with you Fizzy. And that is exactly why my family just stopped with present giving and focuses on time spent together. Because we all sucked at knowing what everyone else wanted, and frankly none of us needed anything, so we just stopped with unwanted gifts and cash.

      But if for some reason people don't bake or don't know what present to give, and something MUST be given, which is pretty stupid if you think about it because no one should HAVE to give anything, then cash is king.

  5. I am guilty of having very small hand writing. If I was to type what I wrote in a quarter of A4 paper(I usually fold it twice) it will take a page and a half if the font size is 14.

    1. Small handwriting but Big heart. Not a bad exchange.

  6. At the time my in-laws were alive (mother and father), I suggested we each make
    a list of 4 of 5 items we would like to get for Christmas. It was my feeling that by
    doing so,we would each get items we truly desired and still be surprised at the same time. Well, that didn't work out as I had planned for reasons I won't go into.
    Now, the few people that are left truly need cash. I don't want to give them a gift
    for the sake of giving a gift when I know that cash, in this instance, is what's needed. Now, if they gave me cash in return, it would all seem pointless,.
    However, as I indicated in a comment above, I don't have the need to get a gift
    in return. I understand, though, that people need to give me a gift and I don't
    want to deny them that pleasure. So, I tell them, a shirt or a sweater, nothing
    over $25. I don't think there is any hard and fast rule regarding gift giving. For
    my individual circumstances, this is what works best. I understand if others
    do it differently. - Paul

  7. Gift cards: If you give me money, I will buy groceries. If you give me a gift card to a home improvement place, I will think of you fondly when I put my roof on my house.


  8. What if your pressing need is groceries and the roof over your house is not your
    top priority?

    1. Exactly! If you care about someone, let them get what they *actually* need, not what you think they need.

  9. If you think that's small, try numbering bat ribs. Tiny bats, not fruit bats.