Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sexual abuse is OK?

I had a patient in residency who had a brain injury and we couldn't discharge him to his parents' house because he sexually abused his sister when she was nine (she's 14 now, and the patient had been living with his grandparents so he wasn't near her). I was mentioning this to the new attending and he was like, "So what? He sexually abused her a long time ago. He should still be able to live there."

Uh, okay... "I was told that if he goes back home, we have to report it to child protective services."

"That's not true," the attending insisted. "He hasn't expressed any intent to hurt her so we don't have to report it. The sexual abuse was a long time ago."

"Yeah, but he's already attacked two women here!"

"But his sister won't be involved in his care," the attending said. "They'll be living in the same house, but she can avoid him. And she can leave the house if she wants."

I didn't even know what to say to that. I mean, how would he like a serial killer living in his house, provided the murderer hasn't specifically stated he's going to kill him and he doesn't have to go near him? I was totally baffled by the fact that he thinks there's nothing wrong with making a 14 year old girl live in a house with a guy that abused her. And "she can leave the house if she wants"? WTF? She's FOURTEEN, not forty. Where was she supposed go?


  1. I don't believe what I'm reading. Has this attending taken crazy pills?!
    Of course, you don't let the sexual abuser go home! As for the girl's
    age, even if she was a full grown woman, same thing! Personally,
    I think that attending should lose his medical license for even
    suggesting it. - Paul

  2. What was done about his attack on the two women at the facility?

  3. You should report this degenerate person to the state boards. He is an enabler, the young man has a known brain injury, this scumbag wearing a lab coat is even more dangerous. He is why "society" tolerates abuse of females be they newborn or 90 years old.

  4. Some doctors are brilliant humanitarians and others haven't got the sense god gave geese.

  5. This was actually quite a while ago and the attending in question is now retired.

  6. Do the words MANDATED REPORTER & FELONY mean anything to him? I suppose you can add JAIL TIME too. WOW! Please tell us he didn't go home?

  7. This thread brought to mind a particular episode of "ER."
    The Fate of Lucy