Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekly Whine: Presents

I don't really believe in getting presents, mostly because I think that it's impossible to get somebody a present without making somebody else feel slighted.  Half the time, people don't even want what you got them.

Case in point, I was recently pressured to go in on a Christmas present for a coworker. Except if I get a present for this person, there are at least eight other people who would feel slighted if I didn't get them a present. So now I have to figure out what to do for eight other people. And there are probably a bunch of other people that I'm not even thinking of right now who will also be insulted.  This is really stressing me out, considering I usually just bring some treats for everyone to share.

Not to mention like 10 teachers and daycare workers that I have to get stuff for...

I think people should only give presents to children, and everything else should be communal baked goods.


  1. I agree, Dr. Fizzy. Communal baked goods is a great idea. For the present (no pun intended), bring a basket of baked goods and call it a day. So, if anyone should
    ever ask you about chipping in, tell the person you do the communal thing so
    no one feels left out. - Paul

  2. Couldn't agree more. Started working one day a week at a new office about 3 months ago. There's 3 employees there, which I have worked with maybe a dozen days so far. Yesterday they gave me gift cards to Michaels (anyone who's known me a day knows I love to make crafts). And I got them... nothing, because why do you give presents to someone you barely know? *sigh*

  3. I am a teacher and on average only about 1/2 to 3/4 of my class gave me presents. Most of them were student made or little dollar store type items. Trust me we don't keep track of who give us stuff.

  4. Every year I threaten to convert to Jehovah's Witness only for the months of November and December.

  5. Completely agree. I actively argue with people to not give me anything because A) I can't afford to give back to all the people I'd feel obligated to if I did for *anyone* outside immediate family, and B) it's most often useless crap I never wanted and then feel like a jerk for throwing away.

    And yet people push it... some friends out of state asked for my address to send a present. I said no address, and damn sure no present... they got it from someone else (without my permission) and sent something anyway.

    Happily, Amazon's returns department is willing to refund the person who bought it, not just automatically refund the person who sent it back...

  6. Bad idea. You know why? People will complain who can't or won't cook. Then there is jealousy and gossip ...

    people are people.

  7. Well, it's Holiday time again, and I can't help but reflect on the year gone past.
    Thank you Dr. Fizzy and fellow bloggers for making it more tolerable.
    Thank you for being my extended dysfunctional family.
    - Paul

  8. I absolutely agree. Only presents for children.

  9. At this time last year, we were visiting my mother-in law in the hospital.
    A few weeks earlier, we were shopping together for Christmas gifts for
    her daughter ( my wife). We stopped at a specialty shop and walked
    around the store. I had all but finished my Christmas shopping but was
    glad to accompany her. At one point, I suggested we go to a store more
    moderately priced, but she insisted on staying. Naturally, she exceeded
    her budget and wouldn't hear of me chipping in with her. As we headed to
    checkout, a sweater outfit caught her eye. She picked up the item, looked
    at the price tag and quickly placed it back. Being it wasn't my wife's colors,
    I knew it was something she was thinking of for herself. "That would look
    good on you Mom," I said to her. "No Paul," she said. "Don't you dare, it's
    too expensive." However, I made a mental note and picked it up the next day
    to surprise her for Christmas. Unfortunately, we spent Christmas in the hospital
    cafeteria as the woman I knew as Mom clung to life. Two days later she coded.
    In spite of the doctors' best efforts, her body gave out and she was gone. She
    was buried in that outfit she admired so much. Now with both my parents and
    in-laws gone, my view of Christmas has changed too.
    Yes, Murphy, I agree. Only presents for children.

  10. So why not do it? Honestly, why not? Start the trend! If you "have" to get something for someone, it's not a gift. It's unlikely that the teachers/daycare workers will notice (unless you regularly give them like, booze and winning lotto tickets). Spend your time and money on gifts for the kids and anyone else you really love and to whom actually *do* want to give a gift. Don't waste money on tchotchkes just because you have a nebulous feeling that it's expected of you.