Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grease, the tater tot

I bought some tater tots the other day at our hospital cafeteria. They don't have the best tater tots, but they are usually passable. Usually I eat a few of them and then bring the rest home for my kids as a snack for the car.

A few days ago, I got some tater tots and after eating one, I had to spit it out. It was so greasy! I complained about this to a friend at work.

"Aren't tater tots supposed to be greasy?" she asked.

I then took one tater tot and rubbed it in a paper napkin. Below shows the amount of grease that came out of a single tater tot. I think that's too much grease for one tater tot.


  1. I think the napkin sucked all the flavor out.

  2. The tater tot dish is designed to supply ample amounts of fat, one of the three essential macronutrients. Who says hospital cafeteria food isn't healthy?

  3. So..... will you buy more again?

  4. If you have been giving your kids these tater tots to eat in your car, I hate to think what the upholstery of your back seat looks like!