Monday, January 19, 2015


One thing I have learned is that if you see a patient with a family member, never assume any sort of relationship, no matter how much the family member looks like their wife, son, whatever. Always ask how the person is related, so you can avoid interactions like this:

Nurse: "Wow, your mother looks young for her age and in pretty good shape."

Patient: "She's my wife!"


  1. Made a similar mistake once. Thought a woman's husband was her son. She was really sick and looked older! Have since avoided this by always asking something like, "And how are you two related?" People sometimes think I've asked a question with an obvious answer, but I'd rather that than the mortification I felt in the husband-son mixup.

  2. As a young person, I used to get teased for looking younger than my age and being
    an idiot. Now, I only get teased for being an idiot. Life has gotten better. - Paul