Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things I've Done on the Toilet

Inspired by Dr. Orthochick


  1. Favorite line to senior resident: Sorry could you repeat that? I couldn't hear that last part because the toilet was flushing.

  2. Hehe I cried in the toilet a couple of times. And then had to wait till my face is no longer red and odematous. Usually I meditate there you know, about all great thing in the universe.

  3. Mine would include something along the lines of...

    Stood flabbergasted realizing said pager/cellphone was now in the toilet bowl and still have 12+ hours of call.

  4. Have any of you had the unfortunate experience of reaching down for the roll only to
    come up with an empty hand? Yes, it can be quite disheartening!

  5. You all missed updating EHR ...

  6. So busy at work that you forgot to pee, Dr. Fizzy? How do you forget that?!
    Don't tell me: practice!
    - Paul