Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekly Whine: Jeans

I think I have written before about the skinny jeans fad, and how I don't think those kind of pants look good on anyone, except possibly for young girls with perfect legs. I think anyone older then college-age looks better in boot cut jeans, but these days, finding boot cut jeans can be a challenge.

This rant, however, is about sizes for jeans. I recently was at the mall and experienced something very baffling.

A friend told me about a going out of business sale at a store in the mall. All the jeans were discounted 70%, and I've been having trouble finding jeans I liked for the above reasons. So I decided to check out the sale.

I like to wear jeans that are sort of on the loose side because I prefer comfort to style. About 90% of the time or more, size 4 or 6 fits me pretty well.

I went to the store, and it seemed like at least half the jeans were size 0 or 2. I finally located a pair of size 4 and a pair of size 6 to try on. Except when I got into the dressing room, they were too tight. And the petite length, which is usually a bit long for me, was way too short. My daughter was with me and she informed me that the jeans did not look good.

I returned those two sizes and found a size 8 pair. Unfortunately, it was still too small. At least, it wasn't the fit that I wanted.

I tried to locate a pair bigger than eight but I couldn't find any. Eight was the largest size they had in jeans in the entire store. Isn't the average size for a woman 10 or something like that? How could they not have any jeans bigger than a size 8??? Who is this clothing made for???

And then I went to target, and I couldn't find anything smaller than a size 12.

There's something seriously wrong here.


  1. I only have 2 pair of pants that fit me right now. Actually going out and finding a pair to fit is challenging and I do not want to do it. The sizes are all over the place and to be honest, I do not know where to go to find them! Being a plus sized girl, there is hardly anywhere to buy good pants at. Going online to buy them is a crap-shoot. Going by size guides is shopping blind.

    So in other words, I feel for you!

  2. Suggestion: call the store beforehand and ask a sale's associate if they have your size in stock. Let them know that you've been to several stores without success. Hopefully, you'll find a good soul who will help you out, saving you time and energy.
    As for the "shock collar" tweet, does it come in blue? I think blue is a good color
    for me. - Paul

  3. Have you seen this?

  4. You did say that store was going out of business...

  5. On the topic of jeans (and ranting about them), I don't understand why jeans seem to be society's default choice of pants. The material is pretty durable, but it's very stiff and uncomfortable. I thought that maybe I've just been exposed to cheap jeans, so I went for an expensive one but still found it uncomfortable. Khakis are much more flexible, feel nicer against the skin (subjectively speaking), and there seems to be a greater variety of colors and styles compared to jeans.

    What am I missing? Why are jeans the default for so many people?

    1. I find jeans to be the most comfortable pants, as long as I don't buy them tightfitting like a lot of women do. Sometimes they are a little bit stiff when you first got them, but after a wash or two, they are perfect. I usually feel cold in Khakis.

  6. I'm a jeans person myself , but just like a person's taste in music, there's no right or
    wrong answer, just what works for you.

  7. I've always felt most comfortable in jeans (bootleg, couldn't agree more). Buying them, especially these days, is something to dread. I've recently lost enough weight that I've got to shop for a size or two smaller, which is good news for me. However, having to go find them is not good news. As much as I adore wearing jeans, I cannot stand shopping for them. Unreliable sizing, waist height, leg lengths vary so widely I have to take a stack of different styles and sizes into the fitting room and that guarantees nothing. My kingdom for a comfy size 14 bootleg without spending a fortune.

  8. I'm small so most jeans run too large BUT I finally found a brand with a few styles (Adriano Goldschmied) that suit my body. They cost over $200 new so I get them on eBay either used or new without tags at a small fraction of that cost. If you find a cut you like eBay is a great place to get cheap used or new jeans. My next project is learning to alter my own clothes and hem my jeans with original hems. I had several items tailored by a genius before I moved and cannot believe the difference it made.

  9. Jeans are the worst for good fit! Women have curves in different places even when technically the same size. It's an awful process.

    Do you have a good thrift store/consignment store nearby? That is how I shop for jeans; rows and rows of them in good condition so I can try on lots of different styles in my size. (Last time I tried on 16, just to buy 2.) Plus, it's much cheaper!

  10. As a male , I buy pants based on the number of inches my waste is. 36 or 38 inches for me is the same 36 or 38 in another store. You women are crazy! (joking, you got no choice with your measurement system)

  11. I just buy from the kids section. They fit better. But then, I'm only 4 ft 11, and around 110 lbs, so fitting into clothes for 12-14 year olds isn't really a problem.