Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekly Whine: Rude

I make a lot of calls to doctors offices in the course of my job, and it surprises me how many receptionist answering phones are blatantly rude. Like, before I've even opened my mouth to say hello.

I understand that everyone has bad days and everyone can't be a bundle of personality, but if your job is to communicate with people, maybe it's better not to sound outright angry when you pick up the phone. Maybe you hate your job, but at least try not to sound like you hate the person who is calling. If you have the sort of personality where you cannot be pleasant to strangers, then you should not have a job where you have to communicate with people so frequently.

Why would anyone hire a receptionist who is so unpleasant anyway?


  1. Omigosh. I was JUST talking about this yesterday. The receptionists at any pediatrician office I've taken my son to have been the most snappety, suspicious, outright rude people I've come into contact with in the service industry! I keep thinking that when we switch to a new one it'll get better. It doesn't. I've decided to blame them having to deal with insurance all day. Making any calls to the Obama care hybrid insurances is enough to make anyone pull their hair out.

  2. I'm sorry Fizzy. I've had a few like that. I think they also do it to get rid of people or take it out on others who've taken it out on them. It seems rude is in nowadays.

  3. Have had this issue with a few staff members in offices where I've worked. Made me wonder how those folks had jobs in an economy where plenty of unemployed folks would jump at a chance to do a great job in the same position and keep a positive attitude. But I guess the flip side is it's hard to fire someone just for bad attitude.

    At my current job the office manager trains the staff to present themselves to patients with a bright smile and cheer. We are there to cheerfully provide appropriate help and support to folks who are most often not at their best (e.g., sick, in pain, etc.), not to moan and groan about how bad their lives are.

  4. Yesssss. I'm a pathologist and frequently call offices to give docs unexpected results. I'm blown away by how often staff are rude and make it very difficult to actually get to the doctor in question. No, I will not leave a diagnostic result to the secretary!