Friday, February 27, 2015


 I was looking up previous orders on Amazon and I realized that I have placed 55 orders in the last six months. I think putting Amazon as an app on my phone has definitely influenced my purchasing.  Since making this realization yesterday, I made two more purchases. I'm going for the world's record.

I may have a problem.

I'd like to argue that this is somehow okay though. When I looked through all my purchases, there are only two or three of them that I regretted. There were a handful that I returned as well, but most of them were things that I really needed.  For example:

-- diapers and wipes for six months, cheaper than I would've gotten them at the supermarket or Costco

-- each book of the diary of a wimpy kid series purchased used individually

-- scrubs (I inexplicably threw all my scrubs out a while ago during a bedbug infestation)

-- New crockpot

-- birthday presents for at least half a dozen birthday parties for little kids

-- supplies for my daughter's birthday party

-- thank you cards

-- some medical books that my work reimbursed me for

-- New bookcase

-- paperclips 

-- some pens I really like for work

So I don't think I've bought anything ridiculous. I mean, you've got to buy things, right? I'm stimulating the economy!


  1. Hey Fizzy,

    This is a very relatable post! I'm guilty of the same measures, and I totally agree with the "stimulating the economy" part. Amazon is just too convenient, and I don't recall the last time I even went to the store to buy something. Oh and the one-click purchase on there doesn't help either!

  2. I believe it's a time issue for you, Dr. Fizzy. For busy people like yourself, it's actually
    a smart way to go. Amongst the items you listed, there wasn't one that stood out
    as frivolous. To the contrary, it all made sense. So, though you may have other problems, I wouldn't count this as one of them. - Paul

  3. I live in a small town so many of the items I buy from amazon would take me an hour drive to get to the store that carries them. The other issue, as mentioned before, is time. Yes, I could make time on a saturday to go to Target or Walmart, or I could order it from Amazon when I am thinking about it. I know I spend a lot of money on Amazon, but think how much money I am saving by NOT going to Target or Walmart. Right? RIght?

  4. There is a possibility that my husband could be relocated to a non first world country. My first google search was to check if amazon could deliver there.

  5. I've started buying regular household items from amazon. I quit going to the store for non-food items because they were so often out of stock or no longer being carried.

  6. We're at 63 orders. :o/