Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dr. Orthochick: Overslept

I totally overslept yesterday morning and didn't actually make it down to work until 6:30. I think I hit "off" instead of "snooze," which happens to me every now and then. Fortunately I wasn't scheduled for any early cases and I only had three patients, so the situation was nowhere near as bad as it could have been.

Nurse: oh good, you're here. Your patient in room 355 really wants to see you.
Me: is everything ok with her?
Nurse: She keeps on saying that she wants to see you.
Me: OK, I'll go see her now.


Me: So what's up?
Patient: Oh, thank G-d. I was so worried about you. You always come in at a quarter to six and you didn't this morning. i was scared something happened to you. Is everything all right?
Me: Yup, just running a little late this morning.
Patient: I'm just glad you're OK. I was really scared when you didn't come in this morning. i thought you might have been on vacation today, but since you didn't mention that yesterday, I thought maybe you got into a car accident on the way over here. Or something happened to you last night.
Me: No, everything's fine. I just overslept a little.

That's actually kind of sweet. Admittedly a little strange, but definitely kind of sweet. Certainly a welcome change from my patients who yell at me for waking them up too early.


  1. 6:30!
    Do you work in a military hospital doctor fizzy? That is way to early. I feel the urge to sleep just reading this ;)
    One of my rotation was in a military hospital and I had to go really early but we finished super early as well.

    That is so sweet of your patient by the way.

  2. After reading this story, my first thought was: here this patient is, sick in the
    hospital, and she's concerned not about herself but about the welfare of her
    Extra dessert for patient in Room 355 ! - Paul

  3. Dr. Orthochick,

    My hats off to you for getting in so early every day. I realized pretty early on in my surgical rotation that the specialty was not for me, chiefly because of the long hours and how much I hated waking patient up before 6 to ask if they had a bowel movement or flatus.

    I suppose after a while it becomes second nature, but it is still a brutal training and life.

    - Doctor "Lazy" IM