Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dr. Orthochick: Pat your head and rub your stomach

Me: Hey, this is important. I was scrubbing with Dr. RBro and he said that Dr. Anal used to grab his junk every time he looked at an xray. Apparently in the days before xrays were online, he used to hold up the xray to the light with one hand and the other hand was on his crotch. So Dr. RBro asked me if he still did that and I legit don't remember because the last time I did hand was almost a year ago. Since you're on hand now, the next time you work with Dr. Anal, would you mind checking it out?

Hand Resident: I'm supposed to do clinic with him today so I'll look into it.

***12 Hours Later***

Hand Resident: The answer is, "yes." Dr. Anal now puts one hand on the mouse and the other hand is on his junk.
Me: Thanks for following up on that for me. I'll let Dr. RBro know.

We may not be curing cancer, but at least we're (occasionally) having fun.

(also, the word "crotch" will never not remind me of that time my high school boyfriend told me that his friend wanted to name his quizbowl team "Mike Rotch" and I asked--loudly--"who's Mike Rotch?"

Oh. Yeah.)


  1. I would have found that funny 50 years ago. The sad thing is that it still makes me chuckle.

  2. Males need something to think with.