Sunday, February 1, 2015

Suicide Med

I signed up for expanded distribution of my newest book Suicide Med, which I've been reluctant to do because it meant I would have to increase the paperback price, but I'm not selling that many paperback copies anyway (Focusing mainly on Kindle), so I figured it was worth it.  The price will probably come down again eventually as Amazon readjusts, but I don't know when that will happen. So if you've been postponing getting a paperback copy of the book, this is a good time to take a chance.

I haven't done as much to push this newest book, mainly because I haven't felt as confident about it. My first one was basically a fictionalized autobiography, sort of an extension of my blog, but Suicide Med is more difficult to characterize and involves a little bit more creativity.  So it's hard for me to go around telling people to read it when I don't feel confident about it.


  1. Dr, Fizzy, I am going to use my allotted one comment/thread to respond to your statement, " I don't feel confident about it." Well you may not but I do. No, it's
    not Tolstoy but then it's not intended to be. I especially like the fact that "Suicide
    Med" is not laboriously tedious as far as character development is concerned.
    Archetypes? Absolutely! If you were to "flesh them out", I'm assuming we would
    be looking at an additional 100 pages of text. How much fun would that be? As for
    the Sci-Fi element that some find fault with ( the eyes on the back of Abe), I see it
    as a metaphor for the medical school experience. Yes, a part of Abe will need to be "cut out" of him, hardening him in the process. Lastly, I judge a book by three
    criteria: Was it entertaining? Did it meet my expectations? And would I recommend it to others? On all three counts, the answer is a unanimous yes.
    - Paul

  2. Fizzy, Paul is spot on. You should feel confident because we do and it should be obvious that we both have exquisite taste in reading material.
    It's a great read. Go out and sell it!

  3. I enjoyed Suicide Med more than your first book.