Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dr. Orthochick: Language

From a journal article i was reading on Gender Crap in Orthopaedics:

Both male and female students perceived orthopedics as an “action”-packed, procedure-based profession, providing instant gratification, time in the operating room, high income, and the option for private practice. Female medical students considered it boring.

I don't know what female medical students want if "action"-packed is still boring. No wonder i was unpopular in med school.

(seriously though, isn't that a weird juxtaposition of sentences?)


From my attending's operative dictation:

The bone was placed in the bone mill to mill the bone

(That one I can't argue with)


  1. Is this a tie-in to the "Little Woodzees" toy featured yesterday?

  2. Yes, girls play with dolls and boys play with action figures! It just makes sense that
    girls would find action packed professions boring. Duh!
    Stereotyping rears its ugly head. When is this nonsense going to stop?
    - Paul

  3. I'd consider the Bourne series action packed but still boring. Yes lots of stuff happening, just not the stuff I find interesting.

  4. Did you really mean to write Gender Crap or Gender Gap? It's sort of funny in a post on Language either way :)

  5. And then the milled bone was mixed into the bread mixture and we all went home and had cheese and bread.

  6. It is weird prose. Of course, something can be action-packed and still boring, if the action in question is boring and repetitive. Which -- with apologies to the lovely surgeons I periodically call in to save my patients' lives and limbs -- I have always found surgery in the OR to be.

  7. Its probably means that both boys and girls knew that it was considered that, but when they asked how the respondents felts about it specifically, girls generally thought it would be boring.

    I know Derm is considered a great lifestyle but I think it would be boring as all get out