Sunday, March 8, 2015

Leave a review pleeeaaaase!!

I'm doing a large promotion of The Devil Wears Scrubs on Wednesday. So if you read the book, and you enjoyed it, now would be a great time to leave a really positive review on Amazon. Especially since I just got a really bad review for explaining medical things too much.

Thank you guys so much in advance! Have I mentioned that I really love my blog readers?


  1. Done. This book got me through my med rejection last year.

    "Watch out, Alyssa" LOL :D

  2. I'm honored to do it.
    - Paul

  3. There is NO such thing as a doctor who explains too much medical stuff. EVER.

    1. Maybe I misunderstood the comment. The person said she was a nurse and the book was too "basic" for her.