Monday, March 23, 2015

Where are my patients?

When patients are acutely ill, finding them is usually not so hard. Usually they're in bed. But at the point that I get consulted, patients are usually a little bit more mobile, which means sometimes I have to search for them. These are some of the places that my patient usually are when I try to see them to do my consult:


  1. It looks like about 72% are all, basically, the same location.

  2. You missed the urinal ...

  3. Isn't "in the bathrom" and "on the commode" basically the same thing? (I realize they might be at the bathroom sink, but still ....)

    1. That was sort of meant to be the joke :-) all my patients are on the toilet.

  4. Soooooo true! I am in the same field and this describes my work life; searching for patients. Indeed, most of the times it has to do with bowel movements. I will print this and show it to my colleagues, so they will quit asking why 'just seeing the patient' took so long ;). I discovered your site recently and did not surf through all your posts, but I will definitely follow you from now on. I look forward to more PM&R cartoons! Thank you!