Thursday, April 9, 2015

If the shoe fits

This is a mystery I have yet to solve:

About five years ago, I bought a pair of loafers. They are brown, which is not my favorite color for loafers, so they've sort of gone unused. Recently, I rediscovered them in my closet and put them on my feet.

Actually, I didn't put them on my feet because they were too small. I couldn't squeeze them on, whereas presumably when I bought them, they fit comfortably.

What's up with that? How could a pair of shoes fit me perfectly five years ago, and now not even go on my foot at all? Did the shoe shrink or did my feet grow?


  1. Have you had a baby in that time? Your feet can get 1/2 a size or so bigger with pregnancy. (Sorry, I've not read your blog much lately and have forgotten how old your younger daughter is..)

    1. I did have a baby during that time. But I really don't think my feet are an entire size bigger between my two kids. I seem to be wearing the same size I always did.

  2. Fizzy, yes, your feet might have gotten bigger with baby, but my bet is changes brought on by being on them for 12-18 hours at a time. Sometimes I sleep in lithotomy position with feet up on beanbag chair they get so swollen and achy. Even with running shoes.

  3. I hike a lot, sometimes for months at a time, and my feet are two sizes bigger than they used to be before med school. Even my last hike of only ten days or so resulted in my usual shoes feeling a bit tight. I suspect the difference is mainly in spread due to loosened/older ligaments. (And in my case, weight gain or a heavy pack causes even more spread, at least temporarily.

  4. Even after we reach full maturity, our hands, feet, nose, and ears continue to grow. If feet grow even one-half of a shoe size over time, shoes which used to fit don't any longer.

    I'm elderly and my ears now resemble Dumbo's. When my nose gets cold and red folks think I'm Rudolph's gramma. Shoe size 7 has progressed to 8 or 8-1/2.

    You know the old saying. "I used to wear a size 7 shoe but the 7-1/2 felt so comfortable I bought size 8."

    I was surprised to find that my shoe size dropped 1/2 size after losing 50 pounds of excess weight several years ago. (No, I'm not suggesting that you're fat! Just adding a tidbit of info.)

  5. Maybe you should get an echo to check your EF...

  6. Pregnancy will do it, and you stretched out all your other shoes that you wear more often gradually as your feet grew.

  7. Leather shrinks too. That's why men's dress shoes come with that spacer thing.