Monday, April 13, 2015

Too much!

At the drive-through at Burger King:

Me: "I would like a small french fries and a four piece chicken nugget."

Cashier: "would you like to upgrade to a 10 piece chicken nugget for only $.50 more?"

Me: "No."

Cashier: "but it's only 50 cents more and you get 10 of them!"

Me: "I only want four!"

For god's sake, no wonder everyone in this country is getting obese. McDonald's is even worse because you can upgrade to 20 piece chicken nugget from 10 piece for only 50 cents. Except what are you supposed to do with 20 chicken nuggets??? I'm pretty sure if I ate that many in one sitting, I would die instantly.


  1. I don't generally eat fast food, but I tend to assume that anything I buy in an American restaurant will provide me with two or three meals at a minimum.

  2. ". . . what are you supposed to do with 20 chicken nuggets??? "

    Share them with that homeless guy on the corner. Fifty cents worth of good Karma points.

    1. I don't think our town has homeless people easily visible wandering around the streets.

  3. Fizzy, as a doctor there are some things you don't do. Eat the same products (I'm refusing to call it food) as your patients is in the top 10.

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  5. Anonymous 9:59 … Really? … A doctor can't eat small fries and four chicken nuggets every once in a while? … I generally don't eat a lot of carbs. I often skip free bagels and free pizza. I workout. My blood work is immaculate. … I just ate four slices of pizza and a big serving of coke and I loved it! … Everyone has to live a little. (Also, look around at some doctors some time. They do look like their patients and they are somebody's patient.) We are all human. We are all surrounded by a pretty tough food environment. Call it research ;) We should understand the temptations. (Joking on that part.)