Thursday, April 30, 2015

Where have you been??

Attempt #1 to see patient:

Me: "Sir, can you wake up?"

Patient: "I'm too tired. Come back later."

Attempt #2 to see patient, an hour later:

Me: "knock knock."

Occupational therapist: "I'm seeing the patient right now, can you come back later?"

Attempt #3 to see patient, four hours later:

Me: "knock knock."

Patient: "I'm on the toilet!"

Account #4 to see patient, six hours later:

Patient: "Where have you been all day, Doc? I've been looking for you."

Me: "I've been trying to see you. You've been busy."

Patient: "Hey, my sister is going to call any minute. Can you come back later?"

And they say doctors get respect…


  1. hahaa.......... no way !
    luckily, here the situation is not that scary

  2. Yup, that sounds about right. But at least he had the decency to tell you his sister was about to call - I've definitely had some patients just answer the phone and start chatting away when I'm in the middle of my history or exam!

  3. So much truth...but as an occupational therapist I couldn't imagine asking the doctor to come back later! And I have the benefit of taking of advantage of them being on the toilet!