Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dr. Orthochick: Impressive

Dr. Critical: Here's the xray. What's your diagnosis?
Me: Uh...crap. I was just reading about this the other day. Ummm...it starts with a "C"
Dr. Critical: it starts with a letter that can sound like a "c" sometimes.
Me: OK, so it starts with a "K." Ummm...it's not kienbock's, it's not klippel-feil, it's not...
Dr. Critical: It's the same as a bunch of bathroom fixtures
Me: Kohler's disease.
Dr. Critical: What do you want to do about it?
Me: Core decompression
Dr. Critical: No
Me: Kohler's is the one with the paradoxical planovarus, right?
Dr. Critical: [smirks] Look it up
Me: [looks it up] No, it isn't. That's the adult version of idiopathic avascular necrosis of the navicular, Muller-Weis Disease. So, uh, I haven't gotten anything right so far, have I?
Dr. Critical: Good job. You're making me proud.



  1. This is how I felt on all arounds, my entire residency.

  2. my god, did we go to the same residency?! :)

  3. At least that was a pretty open game of "guess what I'm thinking".

  4. I'm sorry I've seen this in bosses before and I don't care for it. I find it disrespectful.

  5. Not sure this counts as guess what I'm thinking if there was an X-ray. … But as medical student I have to say I have a mixture of dread and relief that the breadth and depth of knowledge will continue to be vast and unknowable. … I love your stories Dr. Orthochick. Thanks for sharing. You could graduate to your own blog, you know. (This saves me time since I enjoy Fizzy as well …) But you have a good voice and your own line of narrative now.