Wednesday, May 20, 2015


In looking through the reviews on Amazon for my newest book, Baby City, two of the reviewers pointed out that there were a few typos, and one said that they gave it a lower rating because of that.

I'd just like to say that one of the readers was kind enough to email me the typos (there were 5 of them in 400 pages) and they have all been corrected.

I apologize if anyone was annoyed by typos. I did pay an editor, but I think it would be difficult for any human being to not miss a few typos out of almost 90,000 words. I'm sure the publishing companies have multiple editors go through books and I still frequently find typos in books published by large publishing houses. I also frequently find formatting errors in the Kindle conversion, especially for older books. I actually found a ridiculous number of errors in the Hunger Games sequels, to the point where I wrote Amazon to complain.

In any case, the typos are all fixed, so if you feel that those five small errors will disrupt your enjoyment the book, please feel free to download a new copy (you can do this for free).

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