Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weekly Whine: Annoying pregnant women

I'm not saying that all pregnant women are annoying. It's just that I've noticed women who are already annoying tend to become orders of magnitude worse when they become pregnant.

For example, someone I know was saying that she invited a pregnant friend of hers to a party, and the friend wrote back, "is the fetus in my belly also invited?" (The appropriate response would be, "No, you must get an abortion if you would like to come to my party.")

I don't know what it is about pregnancy that brings out the annoyingness in certain women. It's like having an extra person inside them makes them feel entitled to be completely obnoxious without any boundaries.

And don't get me started on television pregnancies. I recently finished watching the last season of the Mindy Project (which will be the last season, because apparently, I'm not the only one who grew to hate it with a passion). In this season, Mindy (who is already annoying, but it's okay because her life is so imperfect), becomes pregnant and then suddenly becomes unacceptably annoying. Anytime anyone asks her a question, the answer always somehow involves her being pregnant. She has weird food cravings, bemoans her weight gain, all the stereotypical pregnancy stuff. And she's got a boyfriend who is always saying stupid sentimental stuff about the baby and putting his hand protectively on her belly. *Vomit* At some point, a sassy black woman comes in to make her feel more confident about herself. Just... enough already. Please.

If you are pregnant, you are only allowed to talk about it if somebody specifically asks about it. Or I guess it's okay to mention it if your water broke and you have to leave.


  1. Have you seen this "pregnant women are smug"? Freaking hilarious

  2. Mindy Project is coming back on Hulu, although it sounds like you may not be watching (I might not either!)

  3. ok, so i am of two minds on this subject. I'm a woman, but have never been pregnant myself. however, i do think pregnancy takes a huge toll on a woman's body - you're sick, vomiting, tired, hormonal, and swollen all the time. plus which, you're at higher risk for all sorts of very serious medical issues like miscarriages, ectopics, dvt/pe, myocarditis, etc. Not to mention that your life suffers as well, because you have to put your career on hold for the pregnancy and mat leave. And it's totally unfair that men never have to go through anything similar when wanting to start a family. So some of the extra annoyingness is completely understandable and merited.

    HOWEVER, my god do some women take it to the extreme! It's like with everything else - some women (who - like you said - were probably selfish and entitled to begin with) take advantage of the situation to get as much attention and sympathy as they can squeeze out of the situation. I would never be able to do OB/Gyne because of the population of annoying neurotic pregnant women would drive me up the wall.

    1. But people get all kinds of serious illnesses that don't make them as obnoxious as pregnant women.

    2. what about chronic pain patients? or the worried well/hypochondriacs? or people with fibromyalgia/IBS/chronic fatigue syndrome/other quasi-disease? those people's illnesses aren't even very serious, but they are incredibly annoying and difficult to deal with. there is also the denominator effect, where there are just more pregnant women around and in one's life then people with other serious illnesses, so the proportion of obnoxious ones just adds up to a higher number (as opposed to the proportion of obnoxious people with serious disease X/total number of people with serious disease X)

  4. What? No Dr Fizzy, I love hanging out around pregnant women & listen to them. I kid you not.
    Plus if you have to live for 9 months with something growing on you? I guess you are never overtalking about it!