Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekly Whine: Remote

I feel like I am constantly searching the apartment for remote controls. Right now, we have four remote controls: one for the television, one for the cable, one for the Roku, and one for the DVD player. At any given time, at least one of them is missing.

I feel like I need to install some sort of location device on them before they get permanently lost. But there isn't anything like that. Shouldn't there be? Losing remote controls is like a story older than time.


  1. You could always get one of those all in one learning remotes. :)

    My parents have gone totally wireless, my mother now has control of wireless Sonos speakers all over the house via her iPad, plus she can control my Dad's amplifier from there. It is a bit hilarious to wait until he falls asleep and then blast Cher at him, at top volume. :)

  2. It is a thing.

  3. Two words: universal remote.
    A few more words: Tile bluetooth tracker!

  4. There's a Roku app that turns your phone into a Roku remote! I use it more than the actual remote.

  5. My low-tech solution would be to get a little basket and keep all of the remotes in the basket. It may take a bit of training to get everyone to put them in there consistently, but it could work. I've also heard of using Velcro to stick them to the undersides of nearby tables. --Queen Anne's Lace

  6. And if putting them into the basket seems to be a bridge too far, a string knotted securely to the basket and superglued to the remote should do the trick.