Saturday, May 16, 2015

Whole Foods is expensive yo

I was at Whole Foods today, and while I was at the checkout line, I grabbed one of those impulse purchases: a little single serving caramel, about an inch in diameter.

Then they rang it up. And that tiny little caramel cost a dollar.

Me: "oh my God, I can't believe that cost a dollar."

Cashier: "why? Did you think it would be more or less?"

Me: "I thought it would be about five dollars."

Cashier: "really??"

Me: "no! I thought it would be like a quarter."

Seriously though, a bite of food should not cost a dollar unless it is caviar.


  1. They aren't called Whole Paycheck for no reason. The prices are way out of line for what they have. You can get some stuff elsewhere (and I do) for cheaper. I will say this, the bananas taste is much better than the other places. More flavor. Outside of some things that I can only get there, its way too expensive to be more than an occasional shop. On top of that, buy local from farmers. You can get your own and it be cheaper.

  2. Yup, Whole Foods is super pricey.

  3. I think farmers markets are a way better deal for the same thing, if where u live there are actual farmers at the farmers market :) it's so much cheaper! I don't even mind buying non organic I just like to buy local. I also hate that I can never find anything else I need at whole foods. Sunscreen? Only 20$ "all natural" stuff that I wonder if it even works or medicines? All homeopathic and crap! Haha I occasionally like their bulk section :)

    1. Our farmers market is painfully expensive.

  4. Have you priced caviar lately?