Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weekly Whine: Birthday rules

A few simple rules for people who get invited to a child's birthday party, especially if it is at a paid location rather than at somebody's house:

1) RSVP prior to the RSVP date. Not the day after the date, not the day before the party. Just let the parents know if you're coming or not with enough time to plan!

2) If your child is invited to the party and you want to bring your other children along, ask if it's okay. Don't just assume you can bring your other three kids and nobody will care. Many locations have an upper limit on the number of children that can come to a party.

3) If you RSVP that you are going to the party, go. If you RSVP that you're not going (or not at all), don't go.

4) Don't say something like "we might be able to stop by." Are you aware that these places charge $20 per kid sometimes and need to know in advance?

5) Just bring one present. Who started this precedent of every family bringing like three presents? My kid has enough toys already.

6) Do not leave your kid at the party unless you are explicitly told it is okay. If your kid is under five years old, it is probably not okay. The last thing I need to deal with when running a party is your kid sobbing because he can't find you.

I hope kids appreciate how stressful these parties are for the parents…


  1. I decided a few birthdays ago my kids only get parties if they ask for them. Oldest just turned 6 and hasn't asked for one yet, but I doubt that trend will continue much longer!

  2. And can we all just agree that "thank you bags" are just stupid and to stop giving them out!! We have enough crap around the house, my kid doesn't need more erasers, pencils, and whatever else gets shoved into those bags. ~Ebeneezer Scrooge