Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dr. Orthochick: Haircut fail

My last haircut was back in July, I had just finished up Saturday call so I figured Sunday morning would be a good time to go because most people get stuff done on Sunday afternoon. As far as I can tell, the best part about weekend call is when it's over it's usually still early in the morning so you can be the first person at the wal-mart auto department and you don't have to wait in line for an oil change. So all unpleasant tasks get relegated to postcall weekend mornings for me.

Anyway, I was getting my hair brushed out when my pager went off. So I answered it because I feel like it's sort of a dick move to not answer your pager if it's physically on your person and you're getting paged about a patient you saw less than an hour ago. You could also make the argument that it's a dick move to ask the person cutting your hair to stop for a minute, but I feel like the potential for death in that situation is lower.

The pager was quiet until about halfway through the haircut, at which point it went off 4 times and I told the hairdresser it was OK for her to help someone else. Also at that time, Dr. Alcoholic called me about a patient. During the course of the conversation, his computer stopped working and I tried to walk him through how to restart it in safe mode to reboot to etc etc etc.

Dr. Alcoholic: Can you just come back and help me?

So I did. I paid for the haircut (the whole thing, I guess), left a nice tip, and told the woman I would be back later.

Hairdresser: I was jealous of you for being a doctor, but now I'm not.

I was too embarrassed to go back so I finished it up myself at home and I've been wearing it skewered back ever since. According to my hairdresser today, the layers were uneven, the front was choppy, and the right side was longer than the left.

So yeah. I figured I should probably get that remedied before I go for interviews, even though mom told me to wear my hair back to look more professional. I'm not sure how to take that since mom told me to wear my hair down on my first day of internship to look older.


  1. If you want opinions (and I seriously doubt that you would) post pictures and let your adoring public decide which way to go.

  2. Up or down? I say go with what makes you confident, relaxed and in control. If your hair is making you touch it or adjust it, you'll come across as someone who's fidgety and distracted. Someone's that has a short attention span.

    You want confidence showing in your words and body language. Most of all smile, be appreciative of being given the chance to interview with them. Eye contact is good also.

    I have 22 years of hiring medical personal from doctors to cleaners. Everyone interviews differently but it's all relative how you are perceived and worth wanting.

    This is just IMO and I'm sure you'll knock em dead so to speak.