Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hands free

Yesterday a lot of people seemed in favor of big phones with hands-free devices. My hands-free device is a piece of crap. Any recommendations for something decent that won't break the bank?


  1. Honestly, I use a couple of different wired headsets - sound quality is much better, less likely to get lost, and you can use them at the gym. I don't like the Apple buds, because they don't fit well in my ear, but they're perfectly serviceable.

  2. I’ve used a few headsets in the past. When Siri came out I was disappointed to find that the quality of the headset was evidently so poor that Siri had difficulty understanding me in all but the quietest of environments. Then came the newer headsets, with noise cancellation and better quality, and now I can use my headset to give Siri instructions even while driving (with the window up; I don’t think I’ve tried with the window down).

    The headset I’ve been using over the past few years is the Motorola Hx550. I can still find it listed for purchase on Amazon, but it’s no longer on Motorola’s website. It was their mid-range headset at the time, small and unobstrusive but not so small that it was difficult to hit the buttons. Modern headsets have a lot of annoying fancy features that get in the way of simply interfacing with the phone; the Hx550 has a few voice notices but for the most part it’s just an extension of the phone, which is nice. Tapping the primary button once activates Siri (not sure about Google Now activation, for the Android users). As my Hx550 ages, I’m torn between buying another one or trying my luck with yet another model. The technology has advanced since the Hx550, after all. I’m doubtful that there’s such a thing as a “bad” headset anymore, unless you’re buying the cheapest of the cheap.