Thursday, August 13, 2015


I like Donald Trump. I truly do. Because the guy is just the biggest asshole ever and has no chance of winning the election, which I'm sure he realizes, so I can only assume that he is running for our personal amusement. So I really appreciate that he's spending so much money just to make this election fun for us.

That said, if we were to take his candidacy seriously for a minute, I can't fathom how any female in her right mind would ever vote for him. Is there something I'm missing?

1) The guy sponsors the Miss America pageant, which obviously completely objectifies women.

2) He has publicly referred to women (Rosie O'Donnell for starters) as "ugly"

3) He may have raped his wife. And when his wife accused him of this, his lawyer stated that you can't rape your wife, so he's obviously innocent.

4) He called a female lawyer "disgusting" for wanting a break from a trial to pump milk for her 3-month-old baby.

5) When a woman does something to piss him off, his first response is to suggest she's on her period. I hate Megyn Kelly, but that was still really obnoxious.

6) He seems to believe vaccines cause autism. Well, maybe Jenny McCarthy would vote for him. So that's one woman.

I know he has 18% of the Republican vote right now, but I really find it very hard to believe that any of those 18% are women.


  1. And of that 18% I wonder which of them are actually serious. I am from Toronto and not too long ago we had a mayor called Rob Ford. You may have heard of him. Anyways, he was ridiculous, but after he made a comment about how he got "enough to eat at home" (referring to oral sex with his wife), my husband said that he would vote for him again because he was just too entertaining and the suffering (and humiliation) our city was suffering was worth it. Obviously he was joking but my hubby is the type who would answer a poll saying he would vote for him.

    But sadly I also know women who are very anti-woman. For example, I recently read on friend's FB page a comment (made by some other woman, not my friend thank goodness) how she is sick of hearing girls swear, and what's wrong with their mothers, why aren't they teaching their daughters how to be ladies etc. I get disliking swearing but only in girls?

  2. The level of self delusion that hairstyle is clear evidence of.. I mean seriously Donald, you think we don't all realize you are bald and this is a wacky comb-over?

    The one bright spot of his running, besides all the comedy gold, I've finally worked out exactly what is going on up there. All the times I saw The Apprentice, each time I thought, if I could have just ten more minutes and some brighter lighting, then I could solve the mystery of that hairdo.

    You know how there is a rule that you have to be born in America to be president.. I think they need to add another one - you cannot have a comb-over. And maybe that other rule needs to go away, because lets face it, there is one very special republican the entire world can get behind.. and how cool would it be when he ends his speeches with "I'll be back".

  3. Like you I can't believe he's serious. If the Republicans want to cede the election to the Democrats. let him keep going. He is tainting all of the with his brush.

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  5. Donald Trump is hilarious! Who would take him seriously as presidential candidate to even vote?! Hilarious! The whole running for president and making America great again (blah blah) is all a sham, just like his hair. He's just selling his name as always. I mean he not only mocks women but also people who aren't as white as a fish's belly like him. And by that I mean his latest blab about Mexicans. So this young Latina lady will not be voting for the dirt bag. And now I will close with what my grandma, who grew up on a rancho in Mexico, thinks of him: "His mouth looks like a chicken's butt hole."

  6. Ok here goes on your numbered list:

    1) Men like to look at pretty girls. Most women like to look at handsome men. It will always be that way. That can be taken too far. I'm not sure that a beauty pageant would qualify.
    2) We are all guilty of judging people by their "outside".
    3) I would fire that lawyer and debar him. Obviously doesn't know the law.
    4) If constant breaks disrupt a trial, he has a point. I'm sure if during residency and the like, constant breaks where others have to keep fending for you and you don't get the chances to learn, would be a burden.
    5) Agreed.
    6) I don't think science is his strong point.