Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Useful measurements

Can anybody tell me why this is a statistic included in the discharge summary for adult patients:

(And more disturbingly, why is it 0%?)


  1. Probably clicked on a child D/c instruction rather than an adult. Being an adult doesn't have the BW entered, thus the 0& change.

  2. You don't frequently discharge 8 lbs 60 year olds? Hmmm.... I think your hospital might be doing something wrong.

  3. Our hospital discharge summary includes sexual activity and travel out of the country for newborns, which I think is even more foolish.

    1. I was just thinking this must be revenge of the pediatricians, who are sick of filling out things like "fall risk" and "discharge activity" on newborn babies.

  4. We have that same thing on the admission forms at my hospital and it gets put in the EMR. i have never seen one that didn't have all zeroes and I have no idea what the point is

  5. Wow. As a medical student I am sooooo excited about my future! … Just spent a day with an OB/Gyn trying to figure out how to do a frozen section in a hysterectomy for adenomyosis/cyclical pain so that we could spare the patient an extra eight hour round-trip. Insurance won't pay for the hysterectomy unless the biopsy is done beforehand. Except the woman won't tolerate an office endometrial biopsy and we were hoping to avoid a second huge trip and a second time under anesthesia. Why is there never a box to check to say: "Because, in this circumstance, this is what is best for the patient!"