Saturday, November 14, 2015


In the Amazon reviews of Baby City, multiple people complained about the number of typos. Early on, two people complained in their reviews, one even saying they lowered their review because of it. One of those people was nice enough to tell me that they had kept track of all the many typos they found in case I wanted to fix them. Of course, I said absolutely yes and they forwarded me the typos. I expected at least several dozen.

There were five.

Five typos in over 400 pages. Roughly one typo per 100 pages was terrible enough that multiple people complained and one person lowered their review.

So I fixed the typos, and yet I still get complaints. There can't possibly be more than one or two left. Yet I recently got a review from somebody saying they had never seen so many typos in a novel.

I feel like I'm going crazy. How is it that so many people are complaining about typos in this book? The weird thing is that my other books have typos too, which I've noticed when looking at them later, yet not even one person has complained.

The fact of the matter is that I don't have the resources of a major publishing company to have multiple people going combing through a book. As good as my editor is, she is one person. In light of that, I think my book is very cleanly edited and free from mistakes that I find in a lot of other self published books, like characters' names randomly changing.

So what is the deal with all the complaints about typos? And seriously, would 5 typos in 400 pages really be something you would feel affects the quality of the book and disrupts your "reading pleasure"?


  1. NO! I've found typos in probably 95% of the books I've read (even NYT Best Sellers)! It happens! If people want to judge the content of one of your books on a few typos......those are not the reviews you should be concerned with. Keep writing!

  2. I was wondering if you were going to answer my question about "The Psyching?" Is it available in hard copy? Thanks, tracy

    1. No, it's only about 16 pages long, so not possible to bind it. I could send you a copy if you'd like.

    2. I would love that! My email is Just let me know the price and where to send the money...thanks!

  3. I do think "gee it seems like there are a lot of typos in this book" when I spot them, but I'd never let it impose on my opinion of the actual story - much less leave a negative review. Better a good story with typos than a typo-free snore-fest.

  4. Haha wow. I loved the book and didn't even notice the typos! But then, I'm not someone who searches for bad in something that's great.

  5. Typis oops I'm nean typos dident bother me, me.

  6. My writing mentor has one typo he brags on. In one of his works he misspelled Neil Armstrong's name (I'm not certain how) but neither he nor his proofreader caught it. I don't remember if he got beat up about it in the review-o-sphere.