Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top 10 songs of 2015

Uptown Funk


Drag me down 



Ex's and Oh's

Same Old Love

Stressed Out 

Elastic Heart 

Uma Thurman

Least favorite songs:

Fight Song

Love me like you do

Shut up and Dance 


  1. What is it about Rachel Platten's Song you dislike? Or is it that it's just overplayed? The message of why she wrote the song is part of why I like it!

    Aldo, because it has really become the anthem for so many (especially kids) fighting life threatening diseases! It literally has become their "Fight Song!"

    Hope you're well & have been able to enjoy some time off?

    Wishing you & your family a happy, healthy New Year!

    Hoping you have time to get back to @ least your Saturday Wine favorite (boy can I find a lot to wine about these days)!!!!

    1. I think I have a high bar for songs that are written to be inspirational. An example of one that I like is Brave. I just think that they tend to get very overplayed and it starts to feel very preachy.

    2. Have you heard the song Truly Brave? Hoda Kotb (Today Show) worked w/ Sarah Barilles (sp) & Cyndi Lauper to mash Brave & True Colors! They used children receiving treatment for cancer @
      CHOP & donated the proceeds!

      Story behind the mash up:

      The mash up;

  2. For the first time in ages, I agree that at least some of the ones you picked don't totally suck (tho, Cheerleader? Really?). ;-)

    PS - Thank you for not including Justin Bieber or Adele in your list.