Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Med school living

I lived in college dorms for four years but I've never experienced such shitty living conditions as in my med school dorms. I give you an example of messages they have left me on my answering machine:

"Sorry to inform you that your water will be shut off for the entire weekend, from Friday night through Sunday at midnight."

"We will be replacing your carpet tomorrow. Please remove all items from the floor of your room."

"You have failed inspection due to boxes in your kitchen. You will be charged a penalty."

"Workers will be entering your individual rooms every morning this week."

"An exterminator will be coming this week. Please remove all food and other items from the kitchen."

"Due to unforeseen circumstances your water will be shut off until 6 PM today, starting in ten minutes."


  1. You did not live in medical school dormitory in a foreign country. You would not be complaining at all. I still have nightmares about my experience 30 years later.

  2. I'm doing a consulting gig in the upper midwest, and the place I'm staying is roughly 8 x 8, with a shared kitchen and bathroom. There is a stove dating to the 1920s, a fridge that was made @1960, and lots of small, furry rodents. Why do I stay here?
    I'm paying $500/month, 5 miles from client. My co-workers live 45 minutes away in residence inns, paying $2000 and more per month. Trade offs; I have more money for books, and to send home to my wife.

  3. I thought that happens only in my part of the world and other third world countries😅💔. Almost all of the above mentioned happened to me. But we got free food😌