Monday, April 18, 2016

Dumb button

I was recently staying with some relatives, and I woke up early in the morning with my daughter. She wanted to watch them TV, but we literally could not figure out how to turn the TV on.

When did this become a thing? I remember back when I was a child, turning on the TV with easy. It was literally one button on the television to turn it on. Now they're like 10 million buttons and devices. I know I successfully turned on the cable box, but somehow turning the actual TV on was an impossible task. I even pressed the on button on the actual television to no avail.

There needs to be a "dumb" button on the tv so that people who don't live in that household can turn it on without needing to wake up the host.

In other news, about six months ago, a fan of Baby City contacted me about wanting to turn a book into an audiobook. She's a nurse, and she worked hard to do an amazing job turning Baby City into an audiobook.  It is finally available: 


  1. Right?? … In fact I have stayed at someone's house, had them give me detailed instructions on how to turn on the TV, and felt clueless. I can normally follow multistep instructions. This one was way beyond me. I just nodded and figured I'd read a magazine or something.

  2. Maybe if you position the antenna just right...

  3. Took me forever too. My partner has 3 tv remotes and one for the DVD player. I finally figured out that the DVD remote, the TIVO remote and the cable remote are all controlled by this other remote, which selects the one that will talk to the TV. I call it The One Remote to Rule Them All. (And in the darkness bind them...) Considering that I spent my whole life without TV, it's a wonder I figured it out at all.

  4. I blame the change from TV to home entertainment system. It will only get worse, with more devices and more controls..gloom, gloom. The end is nigh..