Friday, April 29, 2016


I've got a college reunion coming up. I'm not going to say which one it is, but it's one where people are starting to all have kids and be balding and wrinkled and pregnant and all that.

I had wanted to go to the last one, where everyone was still fairly young, but my husband got appendicitis like three days before. This time, I had decided not to go pretty definitively. But now I'm feeling conflicted. Is this something I'll regret if I don't go?

Then again, I can't think of even one person I'd be super excited to see. I feel like seeing all these people, many of whom I haven't seen since we were 22, looking all grown up will be.... really disturbing. Because I find Facebook disturbing. So it stands to reason.

I don't know.... can't someone get appendicitis again so the decision will be made for me?


  1. > can't someone get appendicitis again so the decision will be made for me?

    Careful what you wish for...

  2. Went to my 40th. Some more classmates had died, some had retired, but none were pregnant. I even danced with an old (literally) girlfriend. I actually had a lot of fun.

  3. Most of my pre-med buddies went to the same state medical school I did so college reunions were a moot point.

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  5. I went to my last reunion thinking I'd leave 10 minutes after showing up, but I ended up having a -lot- of fun, and now I'm still talking to some people with who I got back in touch there.

    I think you should go! Who knows? If it sucks, just leave, but you can't be surprised by staying home :-)!

  6. Do it! It's only one evening in your life and you will hear LOTS of great stories.

    Jen in San Jose

  7. Life is about the experiences! Go for it. You can stay home and hang with the family any other night. If it sucks, then you can dip out whenever, but it might actually be a really great time. Added bonus, you will always have your appendix-free husband with you to make snarky comments as needed!

  8. Think of it this way-you will be the most successful, prettiest , skinnest one there! :)

    1. Not really. But at least I'm not balding.

  9. Will you need to travel & sleep in a hotel? If so, think of it as a quiet night of sleep & the ability to wake up on your own in the morning?