Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Richard Gere and the hamster

Recently, my 65-year-old mother called me up and said: "Guess what! I discovered the most amazing actor ever!"

Me: "Who?"

Mom: "His name is Richard Gare."

Me: "Richard Gere?"

Mom: "Yes!"

Me: "How is it possible that you're just discovering him now? He's been famous since, like, the 80s."

Mom: "Well, I knew who he was. But I didn't know how wonderful he was!"

Apparently, she watched some movie called Primal Fear and now she's in love with Richard Gere (who she keeps calling Richard Gare). Anyway, I told this story to my husband.

Me: "How could she not know who Richard Gere is! He's so famous."

Husband: "He was the one in Pretty Woman, right?"

Me: "Yes, and he was married to Cindy Crawford."

Husband: "He was?"

Me: "Yes! How do you not know that?"

Husband: "The only thing I know about Richard Gere is about how he put that hamster up his butt."

Me: "What??"

Husband: "You haven't heard that story?"

Me: "No..."

Husband: "It's pretty well known. That's probably what most people think of when they think of Richard Gere."

Me: "I really don't think so."

Husband: "Yes. If you asked a group of guys, I bet that would be the first thing that most of them would say about Richard Gere."

Me: "That's definitely not true."

But apparently, it is true. Thanks for proving me wrong.

So now settle another argument:

Is the term "amazeballs" more likely to be said by a man or a woman?


  1. I've only heard the term "amazeballs" used by two people. Both are men who have recently moved back to Canada after living in the US for over 10/20 years. Is this an American term, or have I been living under a rock?

  2. Amazeballs eh, 50/50 M/F

    Richard Gere, Buddhist, Tibet Independence, Aging better than George Clooney, (Droool!)
    Movies as follows:
    American Gigolo
    Officer and a Gentleman
    Pretty Woman
    And the Band Played On
    Runaway Bride

  3. Why do I hear "George Coztazes voice in my head right now?

  4. I know a woman who says "amaze balls" also writes it on FB. Not a fan. … I thought it was a gerbil up his butt.

  5. If you google you can find the relevant article in snopes.
    It's false.

  6. never heard the term. Expat Brit in Canada for 10 years

  7. I've never heard or read the term before (Female)
    BTW, I associate Gere with Pretty Woman. The Snopes article can be found here: http://www.snopes.com/risque/homosexuality/gerbil.asp

  8. In my circle I think I'm the only one guilty of using "amazeballs" and I'm a female!

  9. I should be disqualified as I am your mother's age or very close to death depending on your viewpoint. My knowledge of pop culture from about the early 80's on is spotty at best, but I do know who Richard Gere is. I'm pretty sure the hamster thing is an urban legend. I've never heard amazeballs and was confused the first time I heard someone use the word gobsmacked in an actual conversation. I blame it on aging in a rural community.

  10. Amazeballs. Said by this woman.

  11. the only person I know in real life who uses the word "amazeballs" is my first cousin, who is about 35 years old and is a college english professor. Go figure.

  12. I've heard one person use "amazeballs" and she has a PhD.

  13. I've heard one person use "amazeballs" and she has a PhD.

  14. A group of old friends used to use that term a ton in college... they were all male.

  15. I've never heard that term before today.

  16. For the record, in the actual conversation above, I identified the hamster story as a rumor that was almost certainly made up by some sexually-insecure guys.

  17. In Australia, teenage girls are the most likely people to use the term 'amazeballs', and frequently at that. I don't think I've ever heard a guy say it.