Thursday, September 15, 2016

Help me fire my cleaning guy

I really want to get rid of my cleaning guy.

When we first got him, he was amazing.  The apartment was spotless when he got done with it, and he even gave us a toy box at one point.

However, he used to have this female assistant who would help him. Now he doesn't have her, and he seems to get done with the cleaning very quickly, and things just don't seem that clean after.  Once I specifically asked him to clean the microwave, and it was still covered in grime after.

Also, there are some days he just doesn't show up.  Not often, but enough.

Strangely, on multiple occasions, he's forgotten to take the check I left for him.  That just seems beyond weird.  Not bad for us, but weird.

Our babysitter would like the job of cleaning for us.  She's amazing at cleaning.  I want her!

I think he's checked out.  He told me he was thinking about moving south in the near future, and I've kind of been hoping he'll just do it.  Because I don't know how to fire someone who has the keys to my home.


  1. Looks like you're changing the locks!
    It's hard, though. When surgery gave me an excuse for what felt like the ultimate luxury - a cleaning person - I kept her on even after I was all better. She was here for "light cleaning" once a month, and I finally realized I'm just as capable of a quick dust and vacuum. Fortunately we had a trip planned and told her we didn't know when we'd need her after we got back. So I guess lying is another option..

  2. Just let him know that you will be doing the cleaning from now on. You schedule got lighter or something, so you decided to do it yourself for the time being. Get the keys and change the locks, definitely!

  3. We eased the burden by meeting with our last cleaning lady before her "shift", paid her for the day and two further cleanings (in case she was depending on our money as part of her budget) and changed the locks the day before. Don't offer a reason, but have a white lie ready in case he asks.


  4. If you're still living in a rental, ask the landlord to change the locks; maybe even ask for an upgrade in the type and quality of lock. You must have some way of contacting this guy; let him know in a polite but firm matter that his services are no longer required. Why should you lie? If he wants to know why he no longer has the job cleaning for you, remind him of the missed appointments. Sounds to me that he has over-extended himself and cannot keep up with the work load. He's cutting corners to make another appointment. Leaving payment behind sounds like he doesn't need the income you provided like he may have before.

  5. First, just change the lock. Next call him and say, my sitter is now going to be a live in and she will take care of cleaning as part of the deal. Thanks for all your years of service. Here's 2 weeks severance.

  6. The honest answer of why you are letting him go likely will allow him the options of improving his service, retain or procure more clients in the future... But may also piss him off, which is never good, also be akward if you run into him at the store, ect.

    I would personally opt for the white lie (sitter will do it, you will do it, trying to cut expenses, ect ect) If this happens enough he should be smart enough to figure out the problem is on his service side.

  7. Just be honest, Fizzy. He may just have over extended himself where he has to hurry through your home. You may be doing him a favor. Call him up and let him know you won't be needing his services anymore and get his address and send him a check for two services (if you pay him $60 a session send him $120). Keep a log of the call, etc. (take a screen shot of your outgoing calls) so you have proof you gave him notice and you'll have the check he cashed. I don't think you have to pay severence if there's not contract but it would be the right thing to do. The last lady I was using was a recommendation from my aunt who I am very close with. She cleaned for my late brother too. She talked way too much (I scheduled things on her day so I didn't have to be here the entire time) and took way to long to clean (though she only charged $12 an hour). She did an okay job but gossiped a lot. She'd hear my on the phone an than tell me aunt what I was saying and to who. I trapped her once by purposely saying something and I'd know if she repeated it and she did. I never asked her back (never told her or my aunt why). I hired another women who comes w/ 1-2 other women and they are in/out in 60-75 minutes depending on if there is one helper or two. They do in that amount of time what took the other women four hours (I keep a spotless home--both women have told me that). I'm happy with the new gal and so glad I made the switch. While I don't need them bi-weekly or even monthly (it's very much a luxury I gladly budget for). I don't eat out, my groceries are minimal (I'm 98% tube fed and my insurance pays for that). My social life is not all that expense because we usually just hang at someone's house and well, it's worth it to me. Good luck, let us know. Just be honest. There's no need to lie or make up a story.

  8. So, tell us Fizzy, what was the outcome?