Thursday, September 1, 2016

Teen idol

Recently I had this song in my head that I liked, and when I looked it up, I realized that it was by 17-year-old blossoming teen idol Shawn Mendes.  I was a little disturbed because:

--I can't believe I like a song by a teen idol

--I can't believe I find him hot

I mentioned this to my husband, who thought it was slightly amusing.

Me: "He's so young I'd go to jail if I had sex with him."

Him: "True.  But so what?"

Me: "Our daughter should be the one who thinks he's hot.  She's closer in age to him than I am."

Him: "A fetus is closer in age to him than you are."

Me: "Oh God.  You're right.  But when I actually was a teenager, there weren't any teen idols. Like, in the 90s."

Him: "Yes, there were.  There was NKOTB."

Me: "No, that was really early 90s.  And anyway, can you even name a NKOTB?"

Him: "No, but I'm not a girl.  What about Justin Timberlake?"

Me: "No, that was very late 90s.  I'm talking mid-90s.  Who was the Justin Bieber of the mid-90s?"

Him: "I don't know.  I'm not a girl."

Me: "I'm trying to think of who the teen idol singer was in the mid-90s and I can't think of anyone.  I really can't."

Him: "And I don't care."

Seriously, who was the Justin Bieber of the 90s?  Also, why did girls like Justin Bieber?  He isn't even hot.  Shawn Mendes is much hotter.  Damn!


  1. Fizzy- you are forgetting about all the guys on 90210!

    1. Guess they were not a band... I think you are correct... There were no music teen idols between NKOTB in the late 80's and BSB, N'Sync, and 98degrees in the late 90's.

  2. There were none! It was the grunge-era. We hated teen idols then :)

  3. How are you defining mid-90s vs end of 90s? MmmBop was 1997, and I would've counted that as mid-90s. And Backstreet Boys had Quit Playing Games with My Heart out in '97, too.

  4. Kurt cobain, Axl rose. Grunge (anti-boy band bad boys) was popular in the early 90s. I remember people thought the members of sugar ray were hot.

    Boy bands were nkotb (name Donnie wahlberg ring a bell?), n sync, Hanson.

  5. BOYZ II MEN. My 8th grade graduation song (1992) was "End of the Road"

  6. Don't forget Marketing Mark Wahlberg, Donnie's brother. "Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch"

  7. Marky Mark was in NKOTB, no?