Monday, November 7, 2016

Current events

Me: "Who is the President?"

Patient: "Oh!  I know one... oh my gosh, I can just picture him..."

Me: "What does he look like?"

Patient: "Well, he has this strawberry blond hair and it puffs up over his head.  I don't know how it does that!  I think his name is... Target?"

Me: "Um, who is the current President?"

Patient: "Oh!  Yes, well, that's... hmm..."

Me: "It starts with an O."

Patient: "Oprah?"

Actually, I remember at the start of the election, people were saying that Oprah should run for President.  I was discussing this with my husband and telling him how much respect I had for Oprah, because I saw her go on some show where she was like, "What is wrong with people saying I should run for President!  I have no experience with government!  I'm totally unqualified!"

And she has great insight.

Although actually, if she were running for President against either candidate, she'd probably win in a landslide. She's really likable.  Hell, I'd happily vote for her against Trump.  She seems like a smart lady (based on not wanting to run) and she's certainly a feminist.  She seems very even-tempered and compassionate. And unlike Trump, she built her enormous empire from scratch. Actually, I'm liking this idea more and more.

My patient was right!  Oprah for President!


  1. I think you're on to something.

  2. Stunned and frightened today.

    Yes it's really about likability it seems. Frightening for those of us who have so much to give bit don't always have the charisma. Of it had been Oprah she surely would've won.

    I even believe Bernie would've won in the general if he'd been nominated. But we democrats went with r the establishment candidate and it backfired.

    1. Ugh. So many mangled words and sentences. Auto correct seems to be getting worse.