Monday, December 12, 2016


I was in a meeting last week and I suddenly noticed that I smelled oranges.

Sometimes people snack in our meetings, but I looked around and couldn't see anyone eating oranges or anything that might smell like oranges.

So I started freaking out.  Why was I suddenly smelling oranges?  Was this some sort of weird type of seizure?  Was this the aura for an impending migraine?  Was this the first sign of a brain tumor?  Was it a tumor?

Finally, during a break in the conversation, I nervously commented, "Does anyone else smell oranges?"

"Oh yeah," one woman said.  "I was eating an orange just before I came in."

Apparently, the smell of oranges really clings to you.  Orange smell--worse than glitter?


  1. Definitely not worse than glitter. At least the orange smell will go away eventually. Glitter is a forever thing. Once it invades your home it will never, ever, ever disappear.

  2. You're a little panicky for a physician, Fizzy. I eat a couple at lunch and I wonder if I set people off like that?

  3. Maybe its because the orange peel contains oils which is what the smell linger. I honestly love the smell of oranges and anything in the citrus family, it smells so clean!

  4. I'd rather smell oranges than BO.

  5. I'm currently doing a study which requires me to deparaffinized histological slides. The stuff we use to do that is toxic and needs to be in the fume hood and handled with gloves etc, so they made it smell like oranges so you notice if you accidentally spilled it. Cue the moment where I enter the break room and almost start panicking because I think someone took the histoclear out of the fume hood...