Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The 8 Types of Med School Professors


  1. I'm not feeling very confident about my doctor's abilities right now..............

  2. Ha, in my experience The Sexist is usually a white dude who gives good grades to other white dudes and no one else.

  3. Ha, so spot on. The Dummy - veterinary edition:
    "Humans actually don't have a caecum"
    *oh, they most certainly do*
    "VFAs are a gas"
    *orrrrr they're a fatty acid, as the name Volatile Fatty Acid would suggest*
    "Hydrogen is the main regulator of respiration, as dissolved H+ is what crosses the BBB"
    *or, you know, respiratory drivers are CO2 based, which dissociates into H+, and YOURE WRONG, SO WRONG, I checked with my anaesthesiologist friend and was taught resp phys by an Omniscent, I wept blood over this, DO NOT ARGUE WITH ME!*