Sunday, March 5, 2017

beta reader request

I've mentioned a couple of times that in spite of swearing I'd never write another book, I wrote another book.  Proving that I'm obviously full of it.

This book is a sequel to The Devil Wears Scrubs.  It takes place about 12 years after the original, when a married-with-kids Jane reconnects with Sexy Surgeon. Just as the original was autobiographical of my life in residency, this is more autobiographical of my life now-ish.

I've been having some struggles with the book, and I would love to get an opinion of someone who is a fan of my books and would be interested in reading a book like I described.

If you are interested in reading a beta version of the book, and giving me your honest opinion and suggestions, please email me at  However:

1) You must be able to read the book quickly.... like within a few days to a week tops.

2) I want more of an opinion than "I like it" or "I didn't like it but I don't know why."  I want someone who is able to read somewhat critically and express their thoughts.  I can take criticism, but the above just frustrates me.

3) If I email you a follow-up question, you can't have disappeared from the internet forever.  That has happened to me so many times. Please be willing to have a brief discussion with me.

Would love to get one or two people's opinions!  But don't feel pressured to do this just because you like my blog.  Only do it if it's something you truly feel that you want to do and can do well.

Thanks in advance!


  1. I was tempted to apply for the job but I am such a nice person I seriously doubt I could give a constructive or critical opinion. I will want to read it though when you publish as I have read most of your books so far. Haven't read Baby City yet. I did a review on Damaged on my blog if you care to check it out.

  2. Oops, this may work better.

  3. I can volunteer, I do some ARC and Beta reading.

    1. email is nikoonah at yahoo dot com

    2. Thanks for offering! I already have two people, but I appreciate it.