Monday, November 20, 2017


Because Press-Ganey is such a big deal lately, I've been trying my best to be more likable to my patients.

I've been mostly trying to be an attentive doctor, because I think that's the right way to be likable.  But I think there's an element of charisma that adds to likability, in spite of any medical care you provide.  That's not something that comes natural to me. 

So I've been trying to be as NICE as I can.  I've been trying to smile a lot... I literally am constantly aware of whether there's a smile on my face, and if there isn't one, I try to put one there, unless we're talking about something sad, in which case, I furrow my brow attentively.  I feel like a freaking saleslady.

Tips? Tricks? Advice?  How do I get people to like me? 

(Story of my life...)

Monday, November 13, 2017


I've been hearing more and more lately about THC.

A friend of mine is on chronic pain meds and has started taking a mix of THC and cannabis to relieve pain, and has found it significantly cuts back on his narcotic use.  And the formulation with minimal THC doesn't really even get you high at all.

In a time when opioid abuse is at epidemic levels and death from overdose is out of control, I don't understand why we can't explore THC/cannabis as a serious treatment for chronic pain.  Yet right now, insurance won't pay for medical marijuana and they won't even pay for visits to doctors who are prescribing it.

Although this is talking from the perspective of being in a place where recreational use is not legal.  Maybe in states where recreational use is legal, it's more acceptable to use this as a treatment?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Creepy Halloween Guy

So the other night, I was trick or treating with my kids and a friend of my daughter.  When we got to one of the houses, which was lavishly decorated for the holiday, a man opened the door holding his phone.

"Before I give you candy," the man said to the kids, "can I take your picture?"

So he took a photo of my kids while I waited on the curb, feeling extremely uncomfortable about the whole thing.  Then they took candy from him and left.

Later, the mom of my daughter's friend whispered to me that man always takes photos of the trick or treaters, and she finds it really creepy, but never says anything.  My husband said he wanted to tell the guy not to do it, but it all happened so fast and the kids were already running ahead to the next house.

I still don't know what to make of the whole thing.  Doesn't the guy realize how creepy it is that he's taking photos of random kids?  But then again, they're all wearing masks or costumes... it's not like they were in bathing suits.  But somehow it just seems like someone should tell him to STOP. 

I'm glad I don't live in that guy's neighborhood.