Monday, November 13, 2017


I've been hearing more and more lately about THC.

A friend of mine is on chronic pain meds and has started taking a mix of THC and cannabis to relieve pain, and has found it significantly cuts back on his narcotic use.  And the formulation with minimal THC doesn't really even get you high at all.

In a time when opioid abuse is at epidemic levels and death from overdose is out of control, I don't understand why we can't explore THC/cannabis as a serious treatment for chronic pain.  Yet right now, insurance won't pay for medical marijuana and they won't even pay for visits to doctors who are prescribing it.

Although this is talking from the perspective of being in a place where recreational use is not legal.  Maybe in states where recreational use is legal, it's more acceptable to use this as a treatment?


  1. as long as Sessions and other religious conservatives are in office I do not see any chance of progress in this area. These are the same people that insist that abstinence only is a viable sex ed program. In my ultraconservative CA city the local leaders banned any marijuana dispensaries, both medical and recreational despite the majority of local voters supporting the state level change

  2. I live in a medical marijuana state. My friend with chronic pain was able to get off opoids using MM. When he told his pain doctor his result, his pain doctor fired him. Won't treat any MM using patients for fear of the feds and his prescription writing abilities. Won't go near them.

  3. I was similarly enthusiastic about the until I worked in the psych ICU and saw multiple young men with cannabis induced psychosis. Now I'm more hesitant about it, at least for young people