Friday, March 2, 2018

Women in medicine

Yesterday, a female resident went in to see a patient.  A bit later, she returned with her male attending.

Patient (to the attending): "You're so lucky you get to bring your wife to work with you!"

Attending: [horrified] "She's not my wife!"

Patient: [winks] "Even better..."


  1. I am a practicing female hematologist/medical oncologist. Just last week I was seeing a new patient in the clinic who was 98 years old. After I met the patient and left the room, the patient asked my nurse practitioner, "Am I going to get to meet the doctor today too, or just his wife?"

  2. When I did my FP preceptorship in a small town several people called my preceptor's wife because they thought she should know about "this young woman who's running around with Hisname." Oh, well

  3. During a trauma surgery rotation,My male co-resident went to see a new admit in the emergency department.
    Pt was a male, he looked at both of us as we're walking towards him,both wearing our white coats. He smiled at me " thank God they sent me a pretty nurse!" ��