Monday, April 16, 2018

Our neighbors

I don’t know what to do about my neighbors.

I live in an apartment building, so I’ve never actually met them. I’m not even sure if it’s my upstairs neighbors or my side neighbors. But lately, they’ve been bothering me a little.

The guy who lives there shouts curses a lot. That part doesn’t bother me. Usually I notice it because I’ll be getting dressed in the bathroom and I’ll hear him screaming curses.  It’s a little unsettling, but also somewhat amusing.

However, on two occasions, his shouting woke me up. Last night, it woke me up at 1:30 in the morning. On another occasion, I think he might have been having a fight with his wife at six in the morning. I heard him screaming, “What the fuck do you want from me???” over and over at what sounded like the top of his lungs, and then a woman giving a muffled response.

I’m not sure what to do about this.  It’s not in a place where the kids can really hear it, so I’m not bothered if he yells curses during the day, but I’d rather not be woken up by shouting. But I’m not even sure where the guy lives, and he seems like a possibly unstable person I don’t want to antagonize. We’re only going to be living here for a few more months. What do you think I should do?

Sigh.  Just when the baby moved out...


  1. Ear plugs for sleeping. I'm serious. My friend wears them because her husband snores.

    Also talk to the super. Based on where you're hearing it from and if others have mentioned it, he may be able to tell which apartment it is and let them know they need to tone it down after 10 pm.

  2. Or a visit from the police might tone him down a bit...

  3. I was a property manager years ago. I would hazard to guess that you are not the only one hearing it. It maybe that they are trying to gather enough complaints to ask the couple to leave. I would tell the management company you are concerned. Leave an anonymous not if you fear retaliation. The management company can deal with it but only if they follow all the steps to the rules.

    Mary M.

  4. If it's a domestic abuse situation, you may just be saving a life by getting the police involved. If you are hearing it, so are other tenants. Make the call collectively.

  5. Since it sounds like there’s abuse going on you; whether it’s verbally, physical or both you should prob should find out if there’s a child living in the home. If so, you’re a mandated reporter & therefore, at minimum, need to contact the police.