Monday, November 12, 2018

Don't stop reading

I was reading some old blog entries I'd written here ages ago.  It shocked me how brazenly I criticized my co-residents and attendings.  I was fearless and/or stupid.

I didn't care if they discovered those posts.  In fact, I hoped they would.  Because then they would see what a jackass they were for complaining to the female resident who had to take time off to have surgical repair for her fourth degree tear during childbirth that "you just had a vacation!" (Vacation = maternity leave)

But now I care.  I wouldn't insult people from my current job or even my last job.  It's a small field, and I respect those people too much.

And I don't want to just talk about my family.  This is not a Mommy Blog.  I don't want to be the author of a Mommy Blog. 

So the only thing left to write about is how my cat writes emojis in her litterbox:

(Honestly, I always felt like my cat isn't that playful, but this litterbox winky face proves me wrong.)

Fortunately, I recently made an online friend who is a female physician who expressed interest in writing some guest posts.  And she's at the end of her career, so she does not give a shit who she insults.  That must be nice.

So stay tuned.  I should have a post from her this week.  Or failing that, more cat poop emojis.


  1. Can't wait. I am equally excited and nervous about what might come
    Mind The Medic

  2. Your cat is a regular Rembrandt! I have eleven cats and seven catboxes that I clean daily. I'll have to look more carefully to see if I have any budding artists among them.

  3. Can relate to this a lot. Wish it weren’t so!