Chill Out

I've sent you this link because we've reached a point in the discussion where we are no longer being respectful of one another in expressing our opinions. We may be trying to make a point but it is so laced in name-calling and personal insults that it is completely lost. And frankly, it's embarrassing to both of us. I have no desire to hurt your feelings and if you have a modicum of humanity, hopefully you feel the same. So I am going to call an end to this discussion.

If you are still pissed off, here are some things you can do instead to calm down:

1) Take a bubble bath

2) Eat a chocolate brownie (minimum 500 calories)

3) Hug a loved one (if you are still angry, keep arms at mid-chest to avoid accidental strangling)

4) Go for a run

5) Read a good book (+/- on the toilet)

6) Meditate

7) Pleasure yourself

8) Zumba

And if none of that works, I've observed good things with the pacifier.

In any case, I will no longer be participating in this discussion. If this is on my blog, all your future comments on the thread will be deleted.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Fizzy: hilarious and creative. It might be less stressful for you to just delete any such meanness and fuhgeddaboutit. don't waste any time with the haters. I might go make some brownies now, since my doctor suggested it. :)

    1. Thanks :) Deleting would also work, although it wouldn't be as much fun as coming up with this list. Plus I couldn't do it on someone else's blog.

      And remember: the brownie must contain at least 500 calories for it to work :)

  2. Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh oh boy thank you for the reminder to do that!

  3. Now I am going to have to argue with you about how emotional eating contributes to the obesity epidemic and...oh, screw it. I'll go have a brownie.

  4. thisssssss

  5. Can I print this list and post it in our break room at work?

  6. Oh, wow. Do you realises how many different combinations you can make out of that list? I'm looking forward to my bubble bath with a chocolate brownie in one hand, book in the other, followed by an evening cuddling my SO while meditating and... ;)